Welcome to SAHC2023

-Heritage conservation across boundaries-

Kyoto 12-15 September 2023


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Please note that an annual conference will be held by the Architectural Institute of Japan in Kyoto in exactly the same period (12-15 September). Thousands of people are expected to attend it. We highly recommend that participants will book a room soon enough. Sorry for this inconvenience.

January 21, 2023 New!!Participation fee has been introduced. For the detail, please check the registration page
January 5, 2023Deadline for full-paper submission has been extended to February, 12, 2023.
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About SAHC

The International Conference on Structural Analysis of Historical Constructions (SAHC) was held in Barcelona in 2021 to celebrate the 25th anniversary. Owing to the success of the past editions, the SAHC conference has become one of the finest exceptional recurrent events for scientific discussion, communication and professional networking. Engineers, architects and all professionals have been endowed with opportunities to share state-of-art knowledge and latest involvement in principles, technologies and practice for the research and conservation of monuments and historical structures.

Motivation and Objectives

In recent decades, the study and conservation of historical structures has shown remarkable technological and scientific advances. The restoration of heritage structures is performed on the basis of advanced non-destructive testing techniques, effectual monitoring systems, rigorous numerical analysis and comprehensive intervention schemes for restoration and strengthening. The conservation project must be undertaken by multidisciplinary teams composed of a wide range of specialists such as engineers, architects, historians, archaeologists, geophysicists and chemists. In addition, it is increasingly recognised that the study of historical structures requires an integrated approach as conservation practice faces problems at different scales (e.g. materials, structures and surroundings). For these reasons, the study of historical constructions still poses serious challenges that need to be confronted through comprehensive international scientific collaboration.

After the celebration of the 25th anniversary in Barcelona, it is a great honour for us to host the SAHC conference in Kyoto, Japan. SAHC2023 aspires to provide opportunities for disseminating knowledge and experiences in conservation of heritage constructions. Participants discuss and share novel concepts, technologies and practice on the study, conservation and management of historical constructions across cultural boundaries. We are pleased to welcome you to join this international event and to celebrate the 13th SAHC conference (SAHC2023) in Kyoto, Japan!!

Conference Topics

  • History of construction and building technology
  • Theory and practice of conservation
  • Inspection methods, non-destructive techniques and laboratory testing
  • Numerical modeling and structural analysis
  • Management of heritage structures and conservation strategies
  • Structural health monitoring
  • Repair and strengthening strategies and techniques
  • Vernacular constructions
  • Conservation of 20th c. architectural heritage
  • Seismic analysis and retrofit
  • Vulnerability and risk analysis
  • Resilience of historic areas to climate change and hazard events
  • Durability and sustainability
  • Interdisciplinary projects and case studies

Conference Venue

The SAHC2023 conference will be held at the Disaster Prevention Research Institute (DPRI), Kyoto University. DPRI is located in Uji, another historic city in Kyoto. A 10-minute train from the city centre of Kyoto takes you to Uji. Kyoto University is a world-leading university and is ready to welcome participants from all over world.

Uji city exudes peaceful and yet exciting atmosphere. It is one of the best-known places for Japanese green tea. You find two remarkable WHS monuments, Byodo-in temple and Ujigami-jinja shrine in Uji. We are proudly sure that your stay in Kyoto and Uji will be memorable. SAHC2023 will be a great opportunity for you to enjoy authentic traditional Japanese experiences!! We will be very happy to welcome you in Kyoto and assist you during your stay in Japan!! Below is a railway map around Kyoto city.

If you would like to know more about access to the conference venue, please, click here

The official leaflet is now available!! Please click on the image below to download the SAHC2023 leaflet:) 日本語版リーフレットはこちらです。

Konnichiwa!! An official greeting from the organising committee to SAHC2023 participants!!

It was too short?? I knew you would say that. So we have uploaded a short introduction to SAHC2023. Originally it was presented during the closing ceremony of SAHC2021 in Barcelona, Spain. Please enjoy!!