Technical Visit

Daitokuji temple, Kyoto

Daitokuji temple was established in 1325. It is a Zen style Buddhism temple complex. A reception building has been under restoration. It is a national treasure. A restoration project was started in 2020. The building was inclined due to the heavy weight of the roofs, After removing the roof tiles, it was partially dismantled in 2021. Currently, structural survey is ongoing. The project will be completed in 2026. The outline of the project is presented here.

Please note that this visit is a paid event on a first come first served basis (max 40 persons). The charge is 25 USD. If you would like to participate, please fill the application form that will appear on the conference registration system (last updated:23-03-2023).

the exterior view of the reception building before the restoration (image: restoration website)
the interior view before the restoration (image: restoration website)


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