Platinum Sponsors

The Maeda engineering foundation provides financial supports for researchers in the fields of building and civil engineering. Maeda Corporation, its principal contributor is a construction company in Tokyo. They have completed numerous large-scale constructions in Thailand, Hong Kong and India as well as in Japan.

Gold Sponsors

The Kajima foundation aims to contribute to the academic and cultural development of Japan. It is supported by Kajima Corporation, one of the largest construction companies in Japan.  They have been in charge of the construction of many major buildings and civil engineering structures.  

Constec has been dedicated to building diagnostic services. They are specialised in the surveys of RC buildings. Taking advantage of their experiences and technologies, they have performed diagnosis on a variety of 20th century masonry monuments in Japan. 

Silver Sponsors

Fokus GmbH Leipzig provides services relating to building survey, photogrammetry and software for such purposes.  They have conducted projects not only in Germany as wells as a variety of European countries.

Bronze Sponsors

Netplus has been devoted to the development of image-based 3D measurement and high sensitivity MEMS accelerometers. They have conducted research projects with E-defense, Kyoto University and Building Research Institute.

ARK Information Systems is an information technology company in Tokyo. They have produced engineering simulation software and have commited its application as per costumers’ requests. They are also involved in the development of AI technologies and quantum computers. One of recent projects was the stability analysis of the Great Buddha of Kamakura by means of the FE method. TDAPIII and FDAPIII, their primary products, have been very well received by civil and structural engineers in Japan for many years.

Supporting Organisations

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Sponsorship plans have been arranged. Please find details here.

If you have any questions on exhibitions and sponsorship opportunities in the SAHC2023 conference, please write to us, sahc2023_erg@shinshu-u.ac.jp.

For those who have already offered sponsorships, thank you very much. We look forward to seeing you in Japan.

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