Conference Programme

The conference programme is shown below. Please note that it is provisional (01/07/2022). The official program will be released in March, 2023.


September 11September 12September 13September 14September 15
9:00-10:00opening ceremonyTechnical visit
(all-day event)
10:00-11:00keynote speech 1keynote speech 3keynote speech 5
11:30-12:30session 1session 3session 5
14:00-14:30keynote speech 2keynote speech 4keynote speech 6
15:00-18:00session 2session 4session 6
19:00-welcome receptiongala dinnerclosing ceremony
NB. This is a tentative rough schedule (uploaded on 03-08-2022)

Social events

Welcome drink will be offered in the conference venue. We look forward to seeing you there.

welcome drinks are served at Obaku Plaza.

You all are invited to gala dinner in the Kyoto National museum. This national treasure building is a rare brick-masonry monument in Japan. Since it is usually operated as a museum, it is such a great opportunity for you to enjoy dinner there. Oh there may be another surprise. Authentic Japanese hostesses, Geishas will accompany our dinner. Do not forget to bring cameras with you:)

The dinner will be accompanied by Geishas (photo by pixta).

Technical visit is described in the page “technical visit“.