Transportation between Kansai International Airport and Kyoto Station

Once you arrive at the Kansai International Airport (KIX), it will be helpful to go to the information center on the ground floor of the Terminal 1. You find a variety of services with multilingual assistants including transportation guides to Kyoto and currency exchange. You may find a map of KIX.


A train is an efficient and convenient way to transport between KIX and Kyoto Station. Japan railways (JR) Kansai-Airport Express “HARUKA” takes you to Kyoto Station in about 75 minutes without a train interchange. One-way ticket costs 2,900 yen (non-reserved), 3,430 yen (reserved), and 4,200 yen (first class) per person. The train station is located on the first floor of the Terminal 1 . HARUKA runs 30 round trips a day between KIX and Kyoto Station. Please check timetables.

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A limousine bus connects between KIX and Kyoto Station as well. It takes about 85 minutes and one-way ticket costs 2,600 yen per person. Timetables and bus stop information are here.

Taxi (with a prior reservation)

Yasaka Taxi provides a special shuttle service between KIX and Kyoto. It requires a reservation in advance and the fare is 4,980 yen per person.

Once you arrive at Kyoto…

Please take a train to reach the conference venue, JR (Japan Railway) should be recommended (broken lines the map below). Once you arrive at the Obaku station, you won’t miss the conference venue. Access to the venue is presented here.