Keynote Speakers

Serena Cattari
Associate Professor, University of Genova, ITALY

“Integration and harmonized use of modelling strategies for the structural assessment of masonry structures: current gaps and future challenges”

Toshikazu Hanazato
Professor, Mie University/Kanagawa University, JAPAN

“The conservation of 20th c. architectural heritage in Japan

Rebecca Napolitano
Assistant professor, Pennsylvania State University, USA

“The structural health monitoring of heritage buildings”

Hiromi Nara
Department of protection of cultural heritage, Municipality of Kyoto, JAPAN

“Conservation practice of medieval timber monuments in Japan”

Daniel Oliveira
Associate Professor, University of Minho, PORTUGAL

“Seismic behaviour and strengthening of rammed earth constructions”

Luca Pelà
Associate professor, Polytechnic University of Catalonia, SPAIN

“Inspection methods, non-destructive techniques and laboratory testing“